• Tree Services $25.00

Hi! My name is Brian. I am a Professional Tree Climber/Engineer, with 15+ years of experience in the Forestry and Power-line Utility Industry. My experience ranges from trimming trees over million-dollar homes, business', properties, and trimming trees around cross-country, high-voltage, transmission lines. I've had a great career and have gained a wealth of experience and knowledge along the way!

If you're the "Do-It-Yourselfer-Type", who is able to dispose of the tree brush yourself (which will save you lots of $$$, and I can give you several ideas how to do it) , and if you can give me a hand with running my ropes and gear (when needed. It's easy. I promise), then I'm your Professional Climber! I work on tree projects ranging from 3' tall Japanese Maples clear up to 170' tall dead Firs!

I offer the following Tree Climbing Services:

- Tree Trimming, skirting, thinning
- Orchard Pruning
- Roof Overhang
- Power-line Clearance
- Height Reduction
- Ornamental Pruning

My prices start at $25.00/hr for Ornamental Pruning and go up, depending on the scope of the Tree Trimming Work needing to be done.