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I am an Alexa Owner Operator / dp / director of photography for rent at $350 a day please call

Alexa EV Classic body Camera
High Speed and Anamorphic Desqueeze license
Electronic Viewfinder (EVF-1)
Viewfinder Mounting bracket (VMB-1)
65cm EVF cable
35cm EVF cable
5x 32GB SxS cards
2x 64GB SxS cards
V-Lock battery mount
Centre Camera Handle (CCH-1)
Handle Extension Bracket (HEB-2)
BP-12 Bridge Plate
Levelling Block (LB-1)
Shoulder Pad (SP-3)
Baseplate Adapter (BPA-1)
2 pin fischer to 3 pin XLR 24v power cable
Wedge Adapter WA-1
Dual 3 pin XLR to 5 pin audio cable
3.5mm to 5 pin XLR audio cable
Lemo to 4 pin XLR 12V cable
Flight Case