$40 full-set acrylic, $30 fill-in acrylic nails, and more!

  • Nail Services $30.00

I am offering $50 sew-ins, $50 any crochet, $40 full-set acrylic nails with art, $30 fill-in acrylic nails with art with any fill in or full-set it will be $5 added for any gel polish or gel acrylic, $10 Manicures if you get gel polish it will be a additional $30 with Manicure, $10 pedicures $20 with art ,$10 haircuts another $10 in style, $40 short or long quick weaves, $30haircolor.

If it's weave I charge per bundle, $5 strip lashes, $10 individual lashes and $10 eyebrow arch, if you are interested in my services I will be available at anytime today or you can come by an appointment you can come to me or I can come to you.