Carmedix. $60 brake pad replacement- pads included! ASE Certified & Insured

  • Auto Repair Services $60.00

We are a very affordable, ASE certified shop in the outskirts of Durham (right outside of Raleigh) with humble beginnings (read our "history" page on our website). We always have the customer in mind and offer affordable and honest automotive repair.

I have seen a lot come and go and there are those few good ones that stick around. There are some that are great and others I wouldn't trust my car with. Your car is the biggest investment in your life second to your home and not just anybody should work on it. Here are some questions to ask.

-Is the mechanic certified? The ASE certification (Automotive Service Excellence) is the industry standard for an automotive certification. This certification does not make someone a great mechanic but it does weed out those who are weekend warriors (those who work on cars as a hobby). If a mechanic has an ASE certification, you can bet that whether good or not, he is doing this as a profession.

-Is the mechanic experienced? It's all about experience in this field. If a mechanic is doing something for the first time without help of someone who has done it before, it is a good bet that he will break something. If we cannot do the job with 100% confidence, we will refer you to a specialist that can.

-Does the mechanic or business have insurance? It doesn't matter how good you are, mistakes happen. Loose lug nuts, double gasketed oil filter, stripped caliper bracket bolt- any one of these things can total your car and may even cost a life. Make sure the business carries insurance so that you will not be out of pocket when something like this occurs. We take extra steps to make sure things like this doesn't happen- we torque every single lug nut every single time to manufacture specs by hand- no exceptions.

-Can the mechanic be trusted?- It is almost impossible to trust a new mechanic. They could be lying about the work that's been done (or hasn't been done) or if work recommended is really relevant. He could break something and blame it on the car or he could do shoddy work and never return your phone call. In my experience, if a mechanic has a large customer base with mostly positive reviews, he can be trusted as dishonesty always comes back and reveals itself in the end.

Brakes! - costs/specials
We apologize, as of 3/1- legislative decided to tax services in NC - previously there was no sales tax on labor- now there will be 7.5% sales tax on labor
$60 brake pad replacement with semi-metallic+ pads - 3000 mile 3 month warranty
$75 brake pad replacement with ceramic pads- 6000 mile 6 month warranty ***BEST CHOICE***
$95 brake pad replacement with high OEM quality ceramic pads (these are the absolute highest quality pads available) 12000 mile 12 month warranty
*the warranty does not indicate how long the brake pads will last- brake pads usually last over 2 years 30k-50k miles depending on driving habits and type of driving (highway or local)

Add $10 labor per rotor + cost of parts if needed (because of the vast difference in rotor prices, we cannot provide a set price)
+Semi-metallic brake pads do not last as long, creates brake dust and may make noise
AC full evacuation and recharge: $60 up to 3lbs of freon
Coolant flush- $50
Brake fluid flush: $50- includes fluid
Wheel alignment: $60
Oil change: Synthetic blend 5w30 oil with filter $30 (out the door price, all taxes fees included) up to 6qts- free tire rotation upon request
Pressed in wheel bearings: $120 (most cars)
Diagnostic: $30 (engine, suspension, cooling system, noise,etc)
Advance level diagnostic: $75 (electrical, smoke test, fuel pressure test, compression test, leak down test)
These prices are the lowest in the Triangle! Our prices are lower than most mobile mechanics and all shops.