Rates Paul's Insulation. $85 TV Mounting & instillation

  • TV Installation $85.00

TV Mounting Rates Paul's Insulation-
$85.00- Basic install with your mount wood frame walls with wires in wall
$120.00- TV Install including mount and wiring concealment in wall
$180.00 --full motion Mount installed and supplied by me wiring included
$120.00- Full Motion or Articulating, install with your Mount wiring included
$60.00 -- Glass cable box shelf installed and supplied by me
$40.00- installation of your shelf
$50.00- Sound Bar installs
25.00- wire concealment in walls filled with instillation Not common most interior walls are hollow
$3.00 per inch on TV's over 60'' added to install price
$1.00 cable end
$1.00 per ft cable wire
$5.00- extension Cord
$10.00- HDMI cable

Wire concealment can only go straight down in the walls not side to side. If there is something in the wall like a horizontal stud witch is rare. I will not be able to run wires in wall. Concealing wires in the wall is preferred I can't control what might be inside a wall. a block of wood, plumbing pipe, construction debris, instillation, wire chase, exterior walls with less than 1 inch between the drywall and block. I take pride in my work and I don't like to see wires as much as you, with my years of experience I cannot guarantee wall wire concealment.