DK Auto & Body Repair. Brake job $99 with pads most cars

  • Auto Repair Services $99.00

DK Auto & Body Repair
6845 34th Street #H
North Highlands
CA. 95660

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$99 brake deal comes with basic pads
front or back DISC pads change $99

Does your car steering wheel shake when you push on brake.
Grinding or squeaking noise.. If YES, it's time for new brakes.

I'm license auto body & repair shop. My rate is $70 an hour & all services are guaranteed.
I work on all cars all foreign and domestic models
(drums brake, van, SUV, and pickups are extra charge) rotor turns extra..

Front DISC brake change with new part $99 most cars
Rear disc brake change with new part $99 most cars
Front rotor change labor for both $40 with brake job most cars

rear drum brakes change $149 most cars.
I will scan the code for $20.