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I offer auto detailing services with the experience, knowledge, attitude and humor to have your automobile looking stunning. "I'm 100% positive it will look better than when it was first driven off the lot."

Family, Friends, and a dull exterior/filthy interior doesn't mix!

You deserve better than the cheap/quick carwashes or "unskilled attempted details" you've wasted your money on-ALLOW a craftsman to astonish your family/friends when they either drive in, or you pull up to meet them in your vehicle."

ANTON'S AUTO Detailing is Tucson's intelligent and reliable auto detailing service for all your vehicle needs. I personally will detail your car using only the best top quality products guaranteed. My "ELITE" service is unmatched since all the work is done right at your house where you can ask me questions, and physically see the work that it takes to make your vehicle look astonishing. You can have your vehicle shining better than designed within a day(additional stages of machine polishing can take longer FYI)!

My service is available to Residential clients who value their vehicles and demand quality work-not quick attempts.

My billionaire client in Del-Mar, California treats me like royalty, and I especially love it when his wife says to me, "let us know if the guest cottage has everything you need, and don't forget to tell the chef what South American cuisine you're in the mood for!"

I love driving to Del-Mar once a month because it's such a beautiful city with beautiful bodies, smiles, and OMG views of the Pacific Ocean!

My Del-mar client's black Bentley, and Red AMG Bi-Turbo are both 12 cylinders in the photos that were 3-stage polished using only the best products imported from Europe. No Meguiar's, 3-M, or American products on, or in our cars per the Mr/Mrs!
Both were then sealed with a "TRUE NANOTECH" sealant that's also imported from Europe especially formulated for their amazing fleet of exotic automobiles. This Bentley took 1.5 days to complete and 18 hours of my talents-even the opposite side of the hood was polished FYI; and it is 1 of 400 on the planet, factory modified to over 700hp/850Lb ft Torque! While I'm at it, I want to thank the Mr/Mrs in Beautiful Del-Mar for being honest, civilized, kind, and most generous with me from the start. They appreciate/value my talents obviously, and still tease me about not being able to figure out which wing of their mansion to find them in without using the intercom-PLUS the recently signed salaried contract that includes lavish perks and the option at will to relocate there....oh how the Mr/Mrs spoil me!

Thank you for viewing my AD, it's greatly appreciated, and PLEASE REMEMBER, that I'm not a $50-$150 car washer/pretending to be a "SUPERSTAR/WORLD CLASS DETAILER!"