• Auto Repair Services $35.00

Quality Auto repair and Body Shop
We are a complete repair facility offering complete auto
Repair and if you need bumper, Hoods, doors and fenders painted
Or replace call us first!

Free towing on major repairs or $59 tow on regular tows

Auto repair prices: (plus parts)
Alternator replacement $95
Battery replacement $35
Tune ups starting at $99p
Wheel bearing replacement $99
Tie rods $69
Ball joints $189
Rack and pinion replacement $269
Fuel pump replacement $179 (in car)
Fuel pump replacement $275 (drop tank)
Window motors/power window $79
Door windows (glass replacement) $99
Ac recharge $59
Inner tie rods $89
CV axles $99
Rotate tires $39
Head gaskets $495
Intake gaskets $199
Radiator replaced $179
Engine swaps (4cy) $599
Engine swaps (6cy) 699
Transmission swaps fwd $475
Timing belts $395
Water pumps $199

Autobody prices:
Repaint bumber $289
Repaint door $289
Repaint hood $289
Repaint whole car $995
(Does not include door jams or dent removal)
We use PPG paint products !

Call Sammy, open 6 days a week.