Acanela Cooking Classes; Flavor & Nutrition

  • Cooking Lessons $65.00

Cooking Classes
Individual Class: $65/person
Monthly Subscription: $200 (4 classes per month)
Class Time: 1-2 hours
Location: My Travel-Inspired Kitchen in West Los Angeles (or your home)

About me:
My name is Kylie Chenn. I am a trained nutritionist and have spent the last three years traveling to 45 different countries, living with locals and studying their cuisines. In my own kitchen I have had the opportunity to cook dishes from over 120+ countries and now lead culinary arts expeditions to different locations around the globe (India, Thailand, Vietnam, Italy, France, Portugal, Morocco, Peru, etc...). I am also working on finishing my first cookbook. I would love to have you join me on my culinary adventures here in LA or around the globe.

My Popular Classes:

"Indian Curry"
"Spanish Tapas"
"Artisan Breads"
"The Spice Class"
"The Sushi Class"
"Vibrant Veggies"

"Simple Kitchen, Healthy Life" - monthly price $200 (meet once/week)
"Grocery Shopping for Health" - monthly price $200 (meet once/week)
+ many others (just ask) What do you want to learn?

Spices and flavors are the heart of cuisine, and arguably the heart of culture. The color, texture, aroma, and taste of each spice is unique. Each has a diverse heritage, a story that goes back hundreds, even thousands of years. When mixed, spices capture specific and sometimes unexpected flavors. They bring history and culture to life; they tell new stories.