SELK Tutoring. Over 10 Hours of SAT Prep for $129

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Affordable SAT Prep
***Now accepting students for the fall, space is limited***

The SAT is a vital component to the college admissions process, and at SELK Tutoring we want nothing more than to help you and your child. We are now offering our SAT Prep Course with 10+ hours of tutoring for only $129, THAT IS LESS THAN $13.00 an hour! In this course your child will learn test prep strategies, time management, and so much more!

About SELK Tutoring
We love education so much, that we can teach you just about anything in a dozen different ways. SELK Tutoring was founded for the sole purpose of educating individuals the right way; catering to your specific learning style. We have a total of 12+ years of Project Based Learning experience, making alternative education our specialty. Not only that, but all our educators are test prep experts who have helped students worldwide ace their SAT, ACT, LSAT, MCAT, GRE, GMAT, and various other standardized tests. Let us use your interest to make learning fun for you!