• Catering

My name is Dean Cowley, I am 22 yrs old and i am a great bartender with years of experience. I can bar tend any size event, or party alcohol or not. I also can provide more bartenders if needed For bigger events/Parties. I can also serve a party and have employees to do so as well.

On Another i also do catering for any event, I can cook all food and have a commercial kitchen where all food is cooked and prepared daily for the best quality, and freshness. I have been cooking for 15 yrs running restaurants and catering halls. i can do any event deliver, set up, serve, and breakdown, leaving you nothing but happy and ready to use us again and refer me to a friend. The food we prepare is like no other quarenteed and priced where anyone can afford the great quality of food and extrodonary customer service. below are a few picture of me Dean Cowley to assure you that i am a nice looking guy and willing to make you very happy and ready to talk.