• Promotional Video Services

Our video editing services provides the perfect look to elevate the vision and storytelling in your video.

Send us your video.
You can get your video to us in a number of ways. Upload your video online using Dropbox, Sharefile or give your video to us in person. Video files on a hard drive, flash drive, SD Card, DVD are okay. Cell phone video footage are okay too.

Select a video-editing preference.
We offer a number of video editing service styles to suit every budget and level of production values.

- Receive your professionally edited video in a timely fashion.
- When your video is complete, we will deliver your finished video upon your preference whether it is through online upload or in person.

Our editing-production services include:
Color Correction / Grading
Compositing / Keying
Motion Graphics
Closed Captioning
Sound Cleanup / Mastering
Assistance w/ Hosting/Embedding
Image/Still shots from video.