• Auto Repair Services $120.00

Lezlie's Auto Detailing
With 15+ Years Experience , satisfaction guaranteed!!
Fort the rest of this month I am Offering a Bumper to Bumper full detail for one low price!!

Small cars, small pickups and midsize sedans-----------------------------$120.00
SUV, full size pickup and minivans--------------------------------------------$120.00
Large SUV, Extended & 4 door full size trucks, large vans -------------$120.00

* Exterior hand wash and hand dried * vacuum * exterior & Interior windows are cleaned * dash, Console, and all Vinyl is Cleaned and dressed.

Door jams are Cleaned*All air vents are cleaned*Car ceiling is cleaned* Cloth seats are cleaned, shampoo, & steam as needed* Leather and vinyl surfaces are cleaned, and treated as needed*

*Carpet and mats stains are pre-treaded followed by up to a 210 degree cleaning process.*

*Bumper & trim guards dressed*Tire dressing. *Engine compartment washed & detailed*

*Exterior paint is Hand Waxed for great showroom shine*