I SPY DECOR Affordable Interior Design 4 Busy People

  • Interior Designer

I Spy Decor is a highly skilled, top secret & top notch organization created to serve & protect the integrity & aesthetics of the entire San Francisco Bay Area & beyond ... one home at a time!


Creating comfortable living spaces for people who do not have the time to make their place a home.
Re-purposing, rearranging, organizing & de-cluttering rooms for people overwhelmed by their stuff.
Integrating couples, families or housemates' individual styles into the space, creating a united whole.
Utilizing portable design for people who are renting or are living in a temporary space.
Preparing a home or a room for professional vacation rental sites in order to attract the most renters.
Staging houses insuring maximum sell-ability of the property.
Working at a fast pace & on a strict budget ANYWHERE you want us to be.
Incorporating unique hand picked antique, vintage, contemporary decor & original art creating the best look for you & your budget.