• Auto Repair Services

We all know you need to get to work, sometimes vehicles breakdown, usually at the worst possible time.However there is a solution, we are a group of professional Automotive Service Excellence accredited technicians who strive to better help our clientele. Our staff is so confident and committed to customer satisfaction we offer a 12 month warranty on any of our work! The " tow truck industry " will charge more then most onsite repairs cost in total!! There is no job our team of professionals cannot complete onsite. We can repair your car, van, suv, trailer, or truck at your home, work, parking lot, or at the point of break down. We offer free diagnosis with same day repair. Money is usually pretty tight with anybody, we will do our best to get your vehicle fixed for as CHEAP as possible. A small list of our service's include but not limited to,

*Check engine light
*Window replacement
*brakes (drum and disk)
*wheel cylinders
*coolant hoses
*tie rods
*ball joints
*rack and pinion swaps
*motor mounts
*coolant leaks
*heater core
*fuel pumps
*oil leaks
*tune ups
*brake lines
*timing belts/chains
*water pumps
*drive belts
*head gaskets
*a/c compressors
*complete a/c systems
*power steering pumps
*engine swaps
*transmission swaps

We use the most advanced pricing applications available to provide customers with accurate estimates. Our company is looking forward to getting your vehicle repaired and satisfying your needs.

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Thank You in advance
Payment Methods available include Cash, and Credit or Debit Cards