Caregiver/ Companion for seniors and elderly

  • Caregiver

If you are looking for a care giver to help you at home then you may have found that it is quite costly to hire a caregiver through an agency and a little scary to invite a stranger into your home... But there is a better way :)
We can help you look into programs to help you reduce the cost you spend on a caregiver by looking into how IHSS, Medi-Cal, VA or volunteer services can help you. You may think that you have too little money to work with a good agency OR too much money to get approved for free assistance BUT you won't know until you try so let's talk about it.

To start the process we would have you call into our call center and complete a 10 minute intake. After the intake is completed, we will take 24-72 hours to review your case and then get back in touch with you to provide resources we feel can help you reduce your cost of care and/ or improve your quality of life. Don't go without the care you or your loved one needs because you don't know where to turn.


- Meal preparation and shopping
- Dressing
- Medication reminder
- Transportation to doctor's appointments & Physical therapy
- Assistance with walking
- Physical Therapy/Exercise
- Laundry, Light House Cleaning, etc.


- Concerts/Movies
- Conversation
- Reading
- Sports
- Fitness/Exercising
- Recreational Activities
- Computer -Assistance/Help
- Managing phone calls
- Managing shopping delivery
- Organize mail and pay bills

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