Goodman 14 and 16 SEER AC and Heat Systems

  • Heating Installation $2650.00

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14 SEER Goodman AC

1.5 Ton---$2650
2 Ton ----$2700
2.5 Ton--$2800
3 Ton----$2900
3.5 Ton--$3200
4 Ton----$3800
5 Ton----$4000

16 SEER Goodman
1.5 Ton---$3600
2 Ton ----$3700
2.5 Ton--$3800
3 Ton----$3900
3.5 Ton--$4000
4 Ton----$4500
5 Ton----$4800
Prices Include Taxes.

Complete Air Conditioning system, includes indoor, outdoor unit, and labor.
All systems come with a 10 yr warranty from the manufacturer as well as a 1 yr warranty from the dealer (us).

We are a Local Air Conditioning and Heating company.
We only accept cash and checks.
We don't ask for any money upfront. Will get you a signed contract/agreement or email you an official quote with all the details before we even start the job.
Price does include freon, and miscellaneous materials required to correctly attach the new system to your existing ductwork.

Optional accessories available for an extra fee: Thermostat, ceiling saver float switch, secondary emergency drain pan, whip, disconnec, concrete pad. New copper line set, paintable line set cover. Flex duct replacement, supply/return grille replacement

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