Personal Assistant -Driver- Errand Runner

  • Grocery Shopping & Delivery

Need help managing a busy schedule?
Have a mom, dad or senior that needs assistsnce or companionship?
Don't drive?

I can HELP you ;)

A driver to the airport, hair or Doctors appt?
Wait at home or office for the cable guy
Grocery shopping
Gift shopping / wrapping
Book your flight
Pick up drop off dry cleaning
Post office/ pharmacy errands
Car detailing
Floral arranging

These are just a few things I can help you do with your busy schedule.
I'm your go to person who can help you manage your time ....I'm at your service!
I'm very professional , easy going, friendly person who will get the job done efficiently. I'm a great multi tasker !!
I will get the job done !!
Very reasonable and competitive rates !
Need me for just one hour - One day - or many ?- no minimum!

Please call with any questions you may have.