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Lopez Landscape Maintenance
English Speaking
30 Years In The Business.

Landscape services: Planting, Color, Floriculture, Ground Cover, Flats, Pansy's, Ivy, Roses, Flowers, Marathon Sod, General Landscape. Curbing

Sprinkler & General Water Irrigation: Automatic Systems, Manual System, Backflow prevention, Drip Systems, Under Ground Systems, Water Conservation, Mainlines, New Lines, New Heads Brass Valve Automatic Timer Manual Timers. We Fix Any Outside Pluming Including Main Line Broken Line , Broken Head , Brass Valves Automatic Timers. Manual Timer.

Tree Service Trimming & Removals Pruning Shaping Topping. Palm Tree Service Palm Cleaning, trimming, skimming, Thinning, removal, includes tall palm trees. Stump Removal & Grinning.

General Cleanups Yard & Garden Clean-ups Brush Clearing Hill/Hillside Clearance for the fire regulations. Lot and property Cleanup. Lot Sweeping . Ivy removal Debris removal. Leaf raking . General Clean-up & hauling. Trash hauling. Etc

Weekly gardening & Landscape Maintenance Mowing , Weeding , Weed Whack , Seeding , Reseed, Fertilize, Cultivation , Trimming & Pruning roses , bushes, trees , etc. Landscape & Sprinkler Care, Check Valve & Timer System. Taking Trash Bins Outside to Curb. Blowing , Rake leafs, etc.

Masonry & Hardscape BBQ's walls , Patios , Planters, Driveway , Sidewalk, Walkway, stepping stones, block walls, retaining wall, etc.