• Tree Services $500.00

ANY 1 TREE JOB IS LESS THAN $500 !!! CALL THE REST ,THEN CALL THE BEST !!! You will be surprized at how affordable Tree Service can be! I can save you hundreds even thousands.!
I AM NOT A "Gardener" or "landscaper"or a "monkey with a saw".
I am VERY SKILLED in "Arbor Engineering"& proper trimming and specialize in
"Precision Tree Dissection"
( If someone says that you need a crane, ask me before you spend all that money). 90% of the time, it can be done without one and for a LOT less.

DIFFICULT TREES that are next to, between or even over houses, decks, fences, "NO PROBLEM"!

Danger Tree Removal, High climbing, trimming, selective pruning,. 20+ years exp.
Always Free estimates,- assessment & advice!
Senior and Military discounts, - 24 hour emergency service.
"FULLY INSURED " Sorry ...I do not trim palm trees"

Arbor Barber Tree Service ! Marty. Please call for an estimate.

I do not respond to any e-mails without phone numbers.
Yes ! The tall tree in the picture was less than $500 to bring it down in pieces , safely to the ground.