KM Masonry and General Contracting. Brick /block / stone / sidewalk / curbs

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We offer services for any masonry, masonry restoration, concrete pads, sidewalk block, stucco.
Also decks, hardscaping, fence installation.

No "down payment to get started" nonsense. Our crew gets jobs done clean and fast.

We have moved to a new location in 19061 Delaware County area.
Currently holding deals in the south philadelphia, delaware and chester counties, wilmington and south jersey areas on any concrete pads/sidewalk blocks and curbs. Local owned concrete truck jobs completed clean and timely.

I've included the shop number and also my cell you can reach the shop between 8am-3pm but I am much easier to reach while we're still getting the shop situated.

Give us a call for your next Masonry or general contracting job.

KM Masonry