• House Cleaning

The EXTREME CLEANING is a new way to clean houses, is a deeper way to clean, for all those people are picky and exigent about cleaning, if you are this kind of people is time to call.
Is not just clean but is take care your house, listen what you want, and do it! Be responsible and professional...

Extreme clean involve details cleaning like: (base boards, doors, ceiling fans, remove cobwebs, sofa cushions removed and cleaned, bathrooms, exhaust fans, and switch boards and more..) It`s not just to clean all your house but little things that I described in the above line. I am picky and exigent with my helpers and with myself, I like to make my clients happy letting then know that the money they are paying is worth it!

Some customer choose house cleaning biweekly, ever week, or one time a month....
Let me help you take care your house.
Please give me a call or send an email, I will be glad to help you!!!
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