• Moving $65.00

Are you being quoted hourly for your move? $65/hr/? $75/hr? Or even $90/hr? And how long will it take? What about those gas and trip fees?
Confusing isn't it? And definitely full of surprises.
Wouldn't you like to know what your move will cost before you book? Well don't bother with hourly rates and hope you get fast movers that won't try to milk the clock. We offer flat rate moves , with NO GAS FEES, NO TRIP FEES , NO STAIR FEES for 2nd floors(stair fee applies for 3rd floors) nor any other non-sense. WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU PAY. We show up on time with all necessary equipment for a safe and smooth move. You will not have to worry about your possessions or walls getting damaged because we are professionals. We use a box truck , furniture pads and straps so that your items are protected.

If you are moving within 25 miles from your original place these are your prices:

Small moves/ Deliveries ( 2 movers with box truck)
- 1 to 3 items $100 ( $10 for each additional items after the first 3)

Full service moves (2-4 movers with box truck)
- 1 bedroom apartment $180
- 2 bedroom apartment $225
- 3 bedroom apartment or house starting at $350
- 4+ bedroom house. Available upon request

If you want to rent your own truck and just need us to load OR unload it for you:
-1 bedroom $100
-2 bedrooms $125
-3 bedrooms starting at $160
-4+bedrooms. Available upon request!