ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN RESORT - daycare & overnight

  • Pet Daycare & Boarding $25.00

Hello, welcome to all dogs go to heaven resort. I am an animal lover and have owned several pets. I have owned dogs since a child and I currently have a puppy chow chow (Mr. Rodriquez). He is a super nice and friendly dog. Each Vacay day for your dog includes 2 walks around our neighborhood trail plus unlimited indoor playtime at home. My house has plenty of room for the dogs to play, plus a wide open basement for the dogs to run around.

I would love to work as your dog walker/pet sitter because it is my hobby and it is an activity I personally enjoy doing. I believe when one actually loves what they are doing, they do a better job at it and they are more committed and that is what I am offering. I have the patients for pets, the ability to stay physically active with them, transportation, and flexibility.

Thank you for your time and consideration, please feel free to call me with any questions!

Lounge: $25/ Motel: $30

Dog Training Rate: $25 hr

Pick up/Drop off Rate: $10/2 way trip
20 miles max

lounging hrs: 7am-8pm
motel check out time: 8pm
if later than 8pm, a custom quote will be discussed.