• Moving $95.00

We have the MOVING TRUCKS and the MEN we charge $95.00 dollars an hour (3 hour minimum). This includes 3 men and the truck. There is a one time $50.00 dollar gas charge, as long as the move is in Des Moines or Surrounding.

If you need your House, Apartment, Storage, Dorm, and Office moved we are here for your service. We are Honest, Professional and Insured.
We offer packing services to..boxes are FREE if we do the packing

We have no hidden fees we show up on time this is when the time starts,load your stuff,drive to the new location and unload and time stops. We take personal checks or cash when job is completed

A lot of people and companies want you to rent the truck pay for the gas and the insurance and charge you when they leave there shop and figure how long it will take them to get back..(WE DO NOT DO THAT)

My name is Troy, if you need our services give me a call, thank you.