• Pet Daycare & Boarding

We proudly offer the very BEST in Small/Medium Size Dog Boarding in OUR fenced, NO KIDS, dog loving, happy home in CLAYTON. We provide 24 supervision, love, playtime & care in OUR loving, dog happy home.

We love and ADORE dogs SO much that we don't even have children! Everyone's dogs are our "kids" and when YOUR dog is here at our Pet Hotel/Doggie Day Care Home, it is so spoiled, pampered & happy from receiving SO MUCH personal attention, affection hugs & play-time that often times dogs don't even want to leave! Your dog will never again be lonely while you're away and you'll never again feel guilty for leaving.

There are NO cages or kennels here & there never will be. Your dog is even allowed to sleep in bed with us!
WHY leave your dog lonely & scared, neglected & sitting in a kennel while you're away? Bring your beloved dog to a place where it will have nothing but fun & be watched by extremely responsible pet owners and be supervised. We're in our late 40's, are very dependable and are simply NUTS about dogs! We love them so very much and they love us. We have over 15 years of family style pet sitting experience.

**We also DON'T believe that pets should simply be left outdoors unsupervised, so UNLESS, they are "doing their business", playing Catch or Frisbee, going for a walk around our huge backyard, or enjoying the doggie pool for fun, with us right there beside them, they will be inside. Either on a couch, watching television, playing with doggie toys and with each other, or taking a nap. There is simply no one that loves dogs more than we do!** And because there are no children in our home your dog always comes FIRST. .