ANYTIME LAWN SERVICE + aerate and de-thatching

  • Lawn Care $45.00

AnyTime Lawn Service is now accepting new costumers in the Reno and Sparks area

Each yard is different and some times and requires different care . along the year and experience ive been learing how to take care all types of lawns with different types of soil all this is important to know because its what going to determine the proper care for the lawn . if u only need the basic
pices start

$15.00 anywhere to $45.00 DEPENDING ON LAWN SIZES
(Mowing timming edging and blowing side walks and drive way)

we also do aerate and de-thatching for a low price
aerate only $39.99
de-thatching $49.99

We also have the best fertilizer the money can buy thats going to give u the best look in your block
I also full yard clean out maintenance we weeding out, trimming bushes (no trees) blowout leaf from under the bushes raking up and giving it the best look it could possibly have no money up front until the job is 100% done and u and i walk around your yard and if ur 100 % happy I get paid simple as that so call me now for your free consultation!