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PhotoSpace offer personal tutoring sessions on photography
These are one-on-one private photography lessons tailored to your needs and schedule. Easy online booking.

Introductory Photography: The basics of photography, you'll learn not only what makes a good photograph, but the tips and tricks how to create great photos! This class is suitable for everyone and anyone with an interest understanding of the basic principles of photography.

Introductory Studio Lighting: The essential equipment used in professional studio photography; including, but not limited to, hot and cool lights, reflectors, umbrellas, soft boxes, hand held meters, and more. In addition to the equipment overview, lighting ratios and posing techniques will also be discussed.

Photoshop for Photographers: Overview the basic and essential tools for a photographer in Adobe Photoshop. From simple color balancing, to complex artistic compositing, this course will give you the tools to bring your photography to new heights. All levels of experience are welcome.

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