Asphalt driveway seal coating 75$ off. Call Mario!

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We specialize in asphalt driveway maintenances we use two kinds of sealer, oil base and cold tar emulation sealer. The oil base sealer is used on new driveways and driveways that have oil base sealer on them..

It is a little more expensive than cold tar sealer but worth it. It soaks in the asphalt putting the oil and minerals back in the asphalt and keeps it from drying out and cracking. and seals the driveway so water can't get in. The cold tar emulation sealer seals driveways that are really cracked and seals cracks 1/2 inch thick and seals the driveway so water can't get in. We also use a rubberized crack filler that expands and contracts with driveway.

We use the crack filler on cracks that are more than 1" inch thick. were giving a special this month 75$ dollars off driveway sealing. Call Mario!