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Audiophiles Engineering - "Custom sound through proven science."
Ae is a custom audio shop located in Tampa, Florida. We specialize in building custom speaker enclosures and are equipped to satisfy all of your audio needs. Everything we do is custom tailored to your personal taste, budget, and available space. Our goal is not to simply satisfy our clients, but to impress them!

Your sound equipment is like a Tuba player.
Your stereo is the brain,
Your wires are the veins,
Your amplifiers are the lungs,
Your speakers are the lips,
But your speaker enclosure is the actual instrument.

How we do speaker enclosures:
1) test your speaker for its mechanical and electrical Thiele-Small Parameters.
2) plug those numbers into physics formulas to get the ideal box size and tuning for your speaker.
3) model those results on computer programs and fine tune the enclosure according to your spacial restraints and musical tastes.
4) build it out of high quality birch plywood, marine grade fiberglass, plexiglass, and/or steel.
5) install it in your home or vehicle with true OFC (oxygen free copper) wiring.
6) set your amplifier's gain with an oscilloscope (to ensure a non-clipped and clean signal).
7) meter your new enclosure for it's SPL (sound pressure level) output and frequency response range.

Please do check our work, it speaks for itself.
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Evan Johnson