Aunt Kitty's Pet Sitting Would Love To Care For Your Pets

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I'm Kitty. Founder of "Aunt Kitty's Pet Sitting." We are bonded and insured. We would love to sit the next time you go out of town! All pets are our passion.


About "Aunt Kitty"

With a name like Kitty, I was destined to be a pet lover. I have never lived without one, two, four or six critters underfoot from the time I was born. In fact, I learned to walk by holding on to Freckles, my patient and loving red cocker spaniel.

I adore ALL animals from dogs, cats, birds, and fish to goats, rabbits, horses and pretty much any animal with fur, fins or feathers. Fortunely I have had the pleasure of being "owned" at one time or an other by all of the above.

As the mom to several very spoiled cats, I realize the joy, peace and happiness that being a pet guardian brings. I love nothing more than to awake for several kitties asleep on the bed, (or on my face) or seeing their sweet little faces looking up when it's feeding time.

But cats aren't my only pet passion. In fact for fifteen years I lived with Elvis Pugsley. He was quite the life of the party and the cutest Pug ever. His best friend was Benny the French Poodle. We called them "Bat Man and Robin."

Next there was Seamore the Cockatoo and Matilda the Love Bird. Seamore loved to bark like Pugsley and enjoyed dropping food off his perch to feed the dogs. Matilda loved watching all the action. Then there were Tweets and Tweeters, two adorable cockatiels who could do a mean rendition of "Mary Had A Little Lamb."

Recently I have taken my expert knowledge of cats to the next level by creating a TV pilot for my own show called "Cat Talk With Kitty." As a published author, my next book will be a humors look at "The Cat Lady for the New Millennium."

I have dedicated much my life to animals and in the process know much about the care and well being of animals.

I am involved in managed feral cat programs and foster care of cats. What could be more fun than bottle-feeding baby dogs and cats? Yes, I do that too.
Fundraising and marketing is also a passion of mine and I have devoted time to raising money for various Animal Organizations. I have also helped market large pet events too.

What qualifies me most to be a pet sitter is the fact that I am 100% dependable and will go the extra mile for your pet while you are away. The reason I do this is because I LOVE animals and adore the time I spend with them. Nothing makes me happier than caring for a beloved pet.

When I come into your home, my full attention is on your pets. We will play, walk, have food and treats and you will get a daily written report on our time together. I will also keep a keen eye on your pet for any change in health. I am a mature and responsible person who you can trust with your babies. I'm fun, compassionate and always willing to go the extra mile for you and your adorable babies. And I have great references! Just ask.