• Dog Training

An old saying Bark & Clark believes in. No matter the age, health or personality, each dog needs and/or wants to get out and explore... or just sniff around for a while. Not sure what kind of dog you have? That is our specialty!

The best way to solidify a relationship with your dog and to achieve full mental stimulation is training; not to mention how well behaved your dog will be. Bark & Clark practices a reward-based training program, which is easy to follow and much more humane to your dog than other traditional training methods.

Have a dog that already knows the basics? Certified trainer, Tamara Clark, can take your dog to the next level with private sessions or etiquette classes. If you and your pooch are still learning the basics, we have excellent group classes to help with that as well.

Like you, walks for dogs are not only for exercise but for exploring and new experiences. We're here to assist in that. Our walks are positive affairs that work on basic obedience, socializing and safety - And that's important Downtown!