Bathtub refinishing $200 1yr warranty

  • General Contractors $200.00

Bathtub reglazing/refinishing $200. 24 hour cure time with 1yr warranty. We can reglaze any type of tile or counter tops and any type of inserts (plastic or fiberglass,etc...) We can make old formica or any type of tile look like granite at a fraction of the cost of actual granite with our Stone fleck material. It's a lot faster and cost efficient then ripping out and replacing.

We use all commercial grade materials. (not the local hardware stores do-it-yourself kits). All of our products are applied with H.V.L.P turbines which heats the material as it is applied to ensure a lasting effective bond. Our supplier has been in business for over 35 years and throughout that time have preformed rigorous testing on all of their bathroom and kitchen refinishing products to be able to ensure that you are getting a superior product. We have plenty of before an after pictures and references. 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed! We have over 10 years experience and would be honored to provide you and your family with our quality craftsmanship.

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