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New England Reglaze is a Somerville based surface refinishing company specializing in the repair, refinish and restoration of Bathtubs and Ceramic Tile. Transform damaged and old surfaces into smooth, glossy finishes with awe inspiring detail, vibrant and rich colors and durability that will last for years. All for a fraction of the cost and time of replacement.

Save hundreds of dollars and countless hours of kitchen or bathroom downtime by having your tub or ceramic tile professionally refinished. Most jobs are complete within 5 hours and are ready to use by the next day. Our products are top of the line and will outlast our competition, hands down.

With an 80% savings over replacement, Refinishing (also known as Resurfacing or Reglazing) has become the choice alternative to replacement for home improvement projects, real estate investors, property management companies and businesses around the greater Boston Metro Area because of the substantial savings of time and money.

If your surface is old and diminished, Call New England Reglaze today and have it refinished!
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