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Bicycle Repairman does not service bicycles because he has to. He loves to restore ailing bicycles to good health so their owners can enjoy optimal cycling comfort, smooth shifting, reliable brakes and easy rolling for commuting, fitness or just plain fun.

Professionally bike wrenching since 1978, I've been service manager at different bike stores for over 16 years, worked at a bike parts supplier, been a race team mechanic, a racer and a commuter. My hand built wheels are well known for their reliability and durability.

My team mates and I want to earn your repeat business by over delivering beyond your expectations.
There are cheaper places to get your bike fixed in garages and more expensive places at big bike stores. We just want to be the best place to get your bike fixed.

Evaluations and tire pressure checks are free.
There is no need to ask if the item is still available! I will delete the ad when it sells.
Please note the contact info button above and the address under the map showing where we are.
Please do not hesitate to call with any questions.

Why buy a bike from us instead of a private party that is selling a similar bike for less money? All the used bikes we sell have been thoroughly cleaned, checked out and serviced as needed. Worn parts have been replaced as needed. A private party bike may not have been serviced or checked in years. It might need $100's of dollars worth of work to make it safe and serviceable. If you do want a bike from a private party, make the sale contingent on getting the bike checked out at a bike store so you have peace of mind it is in good working order and fits you. Most shops will do this for free but if you have to pay a few dollars, it's worth it.

Southwest Bicycle
3605 SW Multnomah blvd
Portland, OR 97219
Monday through Saturday 10AM-6PM