BOARDING & Daycare--for SMALL - MED. sized dogs only!!!

  • Pet Daycare & Boarding

A very unique doggie daycare/boarding situation in that it is for small to med. sized dogs only and is at my home,with a varied amount of dogs from 2 -5ish at the most per day. It is a loving and caring environment with a big, fenced in backyard for which everything is kept extremely clean & sanitized. I am an experienced vet. tech, groomer and business owner for many years. There is alot of space & playtime, special walks for some, pool time in the summer, lots of fetch and affection for all.. Openings fill up quickly so please call Linda for a meet and greet. DOG WALKING AND "cageless" at-home, BOARDING ALSO for overnight, and believe me the dogs are always spoiled and very happy. I make sure of it because of the love I have for our fellow creatures.