• Hair Stylist $135.00

Come look your BEST at an affordable and reasonable price without having to spend hours at the salon.

I specialize in kids braids, corn rows, fishbones, pig-tails, box braids, plaits, poetic justice braids, Bob plaits etc. I've got you covered.

Please Read Thoroughly!

1). You MUST pay 50% of styling cost BEFORE services are rendered and the remaining 50% is due once you're finished.
2). I do NOT travel & I live in Ft.Lauderdale
3). I do NOT accept credit/debit cards so come with exact amount to your appointment.
4). Do NOT come with extra people. If they are not being serviced, they will NOT be allowed inside. (This does not apply to parents bringing their children)
5). You will be charged $10 if you are 10 mins late, $15 for 15 mins. 20 mins or greater, your appointment will be CANCELED.
6). Do NOT text me inquiring about Faux Locs or twists of any sort because you will be ignored. BRAIDS ONLY.

Poetic Justice Braids/Diamond Plaits
Extra Small $135
Small $115
S-Medium $85 (40 braids)
Medium $75 (35 braids)
Big $65 (25 braids)

Bob Plaits
Micro $225
Small $120
S-Medium $100
Medium $75
Big $60

Box Braids
Micro $325
Extra Small $195
Small $145
S-Medium $125
Medium $85
Big $75

2-4 Braids $40
5-10 Braids $60
11-20 Braids $70
21-30 Braids $90
31 & Up $120

For all appointments contact Bianca!