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Greetings Cadillac owners, if you have been told that your Cadillac Northstar engine has bad head gaskets and the dealer has scared you with a price which is close to a mortgage payment then you have come to the right place.

First I would like to start off by explaining that bad head gaskets are only a symptom of the problem which faces this otherwise well built engine. The bolts which mount the cylinder head to the block, strip and pull out. What we do to correct this issue is remove and disassemble the engine, prepare the engine to accept the head studs and install head studs in the block. Since these studs are used in race applications they exceed the strength of the stock head bolt. This method of repair provides for a permanent solution to the problem. Putting in a used engine will only lead to the same problem.

Call me with any questions, I can check the car to see if the head gaskets are in fact bad, for no charge.