• Flower Delivery

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. I have been designing weddings in Sacramento for 17 years now.
I come from a family of mom has been doing this my whole life, and my sister designs as well.

My shop is built at my house save on high overhead of renting a store front. (25% of florists start from home) I only design events, so I just need a space to design your arrangements. We have coolers and a nice work space....This results in you getting much nicer flowers for the price you get quoted on the cheaper flowers elsewhere:)

I try and make sure that you come first with getting every detail done with precision. I do this all year long...this is a full service event florist shop. I can deliver and set it all up, and I can come back to break it down too if you want or need that service.

I am licensed and insured. I have my mom who is my on-call floral designer and some other florists who come in to help with larger events. This also saves on the overhead from having to keep full time staff when they are not needed all the time.

Even if you just want a basic quote...please contact me.
All of my work is custom made to your needs....size and flowers make up the prices for everything.

By appointment only please:) Last minute weddings are welcome.
Thanks for your time,

Tracy Gibbons
Budding Events