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Why would you hire Candy Tree Service?
I being working on trees for over 11 years and
I have worked for five different companies and during all this time
I found out that all this big companies have being Taking advantage of people by
Charging an arm and a leg for a job that they don't even do and, they pay its labors very low rates so they don't only abuse the customers that don't know what they paying for.

They also abuse the labors having them work 12 hour days Under the bright sun and don't even provide them with water instead they deduct 30 minutes off of their pay for stopping at wawa in the morning to buy their own drinks for the day that's how.

Cruel they are and all they want is get richer and richer but at candys tree service we like to educate our customers and explain to them why we shoul perform a movement or why we shouldn't we also take care of our customers property like it was ours and we like to take car of our labors by providing the enough fresh water and give them brakes at no charge and The most important thing about candys tree service is that we have the most Affordable prices ever so call now for a free estimate.