Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning. Discount Rates!

  • Upholstery Cleaning $49.00 Fixed

Carpet Cleaning Special Rates:

3 Rooms for only: $69.00
5 Rooms for only: $89.00
7 Rooms for only : $129.00
9 Rooms for only: $149.00
11 Rooms for only: $179.00
All Carpet Cleaning specials include 1 hallway at no additional charge!

Upholstery Cleaning Special Rates:

Chair for only: $49.00
Loveseat for only: $59.00
Sofa for only: $69.00
Sofa and Chair for only: $89.00
Sofa and Loveseat for only: $109.00
All upholstery cleaning specials include, upholstery protector at no additional charge!

Stairs up to 16 w/landing for only: $59.00
Area rugs priced at site!

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