• Pet Sitting & Walking

Cats like things just the way they are.
Their routines, their favorite places, and especially their people. Left alone even for a long weekend they need more than just someone to come by and feed them. They need time and attention to keep them from getting anxious and stressed out.

Even a short visit once a day can make a world of difference to both the cat, and the owner's peace of mind.
I offer a daily 30 minute visit for just $10.
That includes, feeding, administering meds if needed, cleaning the litter box, and lots of time for love, attention and play.

But if your cat is shy, always hiding when strangers are in the house, I have a special, extra low rate for him too. Just $8.00 for a short visit just to do the chores. When you get home to a happy, relaxed cat, you'll know it was worth every cent.

Sunnyside Home Pet Care is a local service, serving just the Sunnyside and Richmond neighborhoods.
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