CCTV HD Surveillance Cameras Installed - Professional & Reliable.

  • Security Installation

You want affordable cameras, but heard the horror-stories of doing-it-yourself?
Call me, let me take the stress out of the process, while keeping it affordable for you.

Providing Professional & Reliable Service. No Stress.
I follow up with all appointments.
I service my Customers beyond the completed installation.

Services Include:
Secure Installation of Cables
Strategic Placement of Cameras
Weatherproof Enclosures for Connections

Programming and Personalized Configuration,
I will show you how to operate the following functions:
Transfer of Videos to External Memory for HPD.
Resolution Settings.
Scheduled Recording.
Motion Detect Recording.
Playback of Captured Videos.
Live View.
Remote View from Smartphone, Table, PC, Mac.

Aesthetics are considered during installation.
I avoid drilling large holes in your walls and leaving bundles of cable exposed.

I have worked with Lorex, Swann, Q-See, Samsung and Hikvision, Honeywell analog HD systems.
Based on my experience, the best value is to purchase the Lorex 8 Camera System from Costco.
I have installed dozens of Lorex, and never had a problem or defective DVR or Camera.

Call for appointment and free estimate.
Island Wide Service.

Patrick, Mahalo.