Certified auto tech looking for sidework

  • Auto Repair Services

I am a certified technician, with manufacturer training and ase certifications. I have 5 years work experience and 2 years of trade school. I just moved to Wa state and I'm looking for some sidework and to build up some repeat customers.

I can do engine,transmissions, carburetor tuning, suspension, steering, brakes, overheats and cooling systems, tune ups, fluid maintenance,I can do a lot of repairs, I can do a/c work but can't charge the system as I don't have a ac machine yet and I won't use the freon from auto part stores, it's bad for the a/c system.

Even if I don't have the repair you need done listed just give me a call and we can go from there.
I charge by the job or if you have a quote from a local shop, I'll do 50% of the labor costs for the job, you can buy the parts or I can buy the parts, I include warranty with my work on most jobs as well.

Please call!