Certified Nurses Aide - Post Surgery, Elderly Companion for Appts, etc

  • Caregiver $10.00

ELDERLY COMPANIONSHIP SERVICES: Dr. appts, housekeeping, fun trips to get out of the house, post surgery assistance, postpartum "mommy helper" after c-sections, or anything like that you can think of. If you need me only 1 time, or once every blue moon.

I have some experience with Cancer patients (my son had stage 4 cancer as a toddler - he's healthy now), Alzheimers care, Hospice care, & Handicapped individuals like my own father - a service connected Vietnam veteran. I am state licensed as a Certified Nurses Aide. CPR & FIRST AID CERTIFIED. I am a very positive, encouraging person who truly respects the life experiences. I can help with a trip to the doctor for an elderly family member or make a trip to the grocery store. I also assist in bathing, housecleaning while I'm there, etc. I do have my own vehicle if you need a ride somewhere - I can assist with that as well.

I understand how you can feel vulnerable, you have been hardworking & independent your whole life. The hardest thing for me to do is ask for help, even when I need it the most. Looking for work during school hours (8am - 3pm). If you need 24 hour care or evenings/overnights - I have plenty of very qualified friends (co-workers) who are willing & able to help you on their days off - they are all good people. Hospitals do background checks on everyone there, so you don't have to worry.

I can personally vouche for them as well. I don't plan to go back to working at the hospital after I had another baby last year - I enjoy being self-employed, so I can spend time with all of my kids. But I also plan to go back to school when she's a bit older and finish my bachelors degree in Nursing.

$20 for 1st hour, $10/hour after that.

Thank you.