CINEMATOGRAPHER WITH Blackmagic 4K, Ronin and Other Equipment

  • Promotional Video Services $350.00

I shoot Narratives, Music Videos, Documentary, Commercials, Sport, etc..

My Clients: Slaine, DL, Chase Vergari & Amerigo Chattin, Antony Flammia, Bianca Boragi, Sandeep, 50 Cent, Pardison Fontaine, Tyler King, Briannagh D, Life Spun etc.
..and, as an Artist I can draw a Main Concept / a Story Board for your Film.

My Rates is very flexible: from $350 a day ( minimum setup ) to $600/day with all my equipment ( + $100 for my assistant, if needed ) depends of complexity of your project, days of work, and equipment needed... ( ( actually it's less, than only to rent my Equipment in Adorama )