• Apartment Cleaning

About Us:
King of All Trades LLC is a modernized cleaning & janitorial company, that excels in customer service, while providing a trendsetting array of services. Technique and experience lead the charge but our anchored a superior cleaning discipline. We are polite and get the job done right!

Furthermore, we are a team that works, cleans, and demeans ourselves in such a way that brightens faces and places.

Commercial cleaning
Residential cleaning
Carpet Shampooing
Stripping & waxing
Junk Removal

You may be asking what makes us king of all trades?
It is self-discipline! Everybody has those moments when they just do not feel like it... That's when self-discipline must kick in. Consequently, every King of All Trades employee has an extraordinary ability to hold themselves to the highest of standards at all times. This self-discipline makes us able to display a level professionalism & integrity, and the right to be king.

Dwight White / Owner