K&W Systems. Computer & Mobile Device Repair Services

  • Computer Repair

K&W Systems is a local one-stop shop for all your technological needs!
Our main shop is in Kailua, HI. and we also have a Drop-off/Pick-up location in Honolulu, HI. We have over 30 years combined experience and up-to-date certifications (A+, Microsoft .NET, CCNA, CompTIA, Security+). We aim to provide the top quality computer repair and I.T. solutions for the cheapest price on the island. Do you lack confidence around your personal/work machine?

We're here to educate and work with customers in preventing troublesome tech issues in the future or to maximize their performance. Computers are necessary for just about everything these days and we believe everyone, no matter their education or age, deserves to feel comfortable working with their machines.

We are also experienced gamers! We play all genres of games and build custom machines optimized to fit the individual needs of professional gamers, twitch.tv streamers, dedicated gaming servers, or the weekend gamer! We are enthusiasts and get passionate about helping gamers get the best performing and coolest looking machine they can for the best price!

We handle all work by appointment so we can dedicate the proper amount of time to satisfy all of your needs. We don't believe in the "fast-food" method of tech repair! We are open all week 8 am-8pm for appointments.

We offer the following I.T. services:
PC/Mac/Laptop/Tablet/Cellphone/Printer Diagnosis/Repair
Network Design/Maintenance/Repair
Custom Gaming Systems (Liquid cooling optional)
Point of Sale System Repair/Maintenance
Remote PC Repair

Tutorials in basic, intermediate, and professional Windows or Mac OS.
We are available for on-site jobs as well as large contracts.
We're here to help! If you have any odd questions, don't think it can be fixed, or need to know how to recycle your e-waste, give us a call today to make an appointment!