Computer Skill Lessons for Older Adults/ Senior Citizens

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Do you know an older adult who would love to use the computer but they feel overwhelmed by the technology?

The Internet can be an intimidating place for someone who didn't grow up with computers and the Internet. But I have seen how life changing and empowering it can be for them once they learn how to navigate online safely on their own.

Through personalized lessons, I will show them how to use the Internet to connect with family and friends, enjoy their hobbies in exciting new ways, and open up a world of information and entertainment. Some of the things I will teach them could include:

- Simplified Computer Navigation
- Internet Basics and confidence building
- Sending and receiving Email and Pictures
- Creating a Facebook account and keeping it safe
- Safe Online Shopping
- Genealogy research online
- Instant access to News and Weather
- Setting up home delivery of groceries and medication
- Health research online
- Finding and saving online Recipes
- Enhancing Hobbies through exciting websites and online communities

I have a unique background having worked as both a social worker and a computer technician. This allows me to be patient and understanding as a teacher. I have 15+ years of experience helping older adults with their computer troubles and it is something I am passionate about.

I am ready to get to know them and begin helping them unlock the power behind their computer screen.

The Geeky Grandma lesson package starts at $99 and includes:
Friendly Consultation Call - This helps me customize the lessons to their individual lifestyle
2 Personalized Computer Skill Lessons (approximately 1 hour long)
Written step-by-step instructions
Post-Lesson follow-up call
30 day Satisfaction Guarantee

Call me anytime to schedule your first lesson or ask any questions about the process.