Concrete - OVER 35 Years in the Treasure Valley!

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Are you looking for a unique concrete solution? I can help! I have over 30 years' experience doing concrete, and I am skilled in working with color, as well as stamped concrete. I love what I do, and it shows in my work. I will listen to what YOU want!

I have experience with both residential, as well as commercial concrete jobs; there is no job too big, or for that matter, too small. The difference between my company and other companies is that I am the person that comes and does the bid, as well as the work. I come out, sit with you and figure out exactly what you are looking for, and then I do the work. In other companies, the person who does the bid, usually on the phone, is not the person who does the job for you.

To give you an accurate bid, I come out and see the job site first hand. This enables you to have access to me at all times during the job, and also gives you a firm price, not something open ended that can cost you too much money in the long run. I do quality work, for a good price.

Call. I look forward to working with you!

More than thirty years' experience.
Vast knowledge of methods and equipment used in various concrete projects
Extensive knowledge of equipment and tools used during concrete projects.
Large knowledge and application of concrete stamps, color, and stain.
Over 30 years of estimating time and materials for assigned projects.
Extensive and applied knowledge of safe work practices.
Excellent understanding and use of proper employee supervision and training.
Distinguished ability to use a full range of concrete tools.
Profound ability to work independently in the absence of supervision.
Uncommon ability to estimate necessary materials and supplies with a reasonable degree of accuracy.
Outstanding ability to lead and assist others in concrete finishing work.
Superb ability to communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.